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Criteria for using Northwoods AirLifeline service:

Critical time element
Logistical (impractical to transport patient by other means)

Requests for our services are generally from professional personnel or agencies. Self referrals are accepted. The patient’s physician should approve the flight. Distance flown may be limited to one fuel stop, or about 650 miles. Ground transportation and lodging at destination is the recipient’s responsibility. The recipient should be able to board and exit the aircraft with minimal assistance. No cases requiring advanced life support systems can be accepted. Flights may be postponed or cancelled at the pilot’s discretion because of adverse weather or for other reasons affecting passenger safety.

24 Hour Phone Line:

This toll-free number connects to an answering service generously donated by Range Communications of Marquette, Michigan. The operator will ask for your name, nature of the request, and where you can be reached. Please make routine inquiries during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time

In emergency cases, the operator will immediately transmit your request to our flight coordinator, or to the next available pilot. Response is usually within 15 minutes. Please wait for the call.

(In the unlikely event the above 800 number is not available and the need for transport is urgent, call the Dickinson County Sheriff Department: 906-774-6262)

Nancy Morin – Madison May 2018

Nancy Morin – Madison May 2018


24 Hour Emergency Line

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