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Ainsley Rose KargelaIn Memory of Ainsley Rose Kargela
June 11, 2010 – July 22, 2018

Northwoods Airlifeline volunteers gave us their time, to coordinate, to fly. This gave us time to be a family, for Ainsley to be a student, a dancer, a hockey player, a sister. Northwoods Airlifeline gave our family the most important gift… TIME… and they gave their time for us.

Jolene TremlIn Memory of Jolene Treml
January 5, 2000 – December 30, 2017

Jolene Treml died tragically in a car accident on Dec. 30th, 2017. Jolene planned on going to college after High School Graduation to pursue a nursing career. It was her desire to help others that led Jolene to speak often with her parents Jeff and Mary Treml about the great services Northwoods Airlifeline provides to the area.

Upon Jolene’s passing her parents made a very generous donation in Jolene’s name. It’s donations like this that allows Northwoods Airlifeline to do what they do.