Is NWALL’s service really free?
Yes. No one is charged for the flights. If your financial situation enables you to make a donation you are welcome to do so at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

Are there any hidden costs involved?
Not with the actual flight but you will responsible to get to the departing airport. You will have to arrange transportation from the destination airport to the medical facility. Sometimes your hospital will provide the transport. Sometimes, however, Northwoods AirLifeline can make arrangements for local ground transportation if your financial situation necessitates such assistance.

Do I have to pay for flight insurance?
No. All aircraft and pilots for Northwoods AirLifeline are insured for flight.

What is suggested donation per flight?
Again, there is no charge for the flight. Many can not afford to donate and should feel comfortable with the flight being provided for free. We receive donations from several non-profit organizations to help support our non-flight related costs. If your financial situation provides that you can donate, the amount is up to the individual.

Are there any certain limits regarding passengers or weight?
Yes. It will vary depending on the pilot and aircraft assigned or available for the flight. Generally this only becomes a consideration when transporting more than one large adult. We will normally need to limit our flights to two passengers, except in pediatric cases where we can TRY to accommodate both parents.

How much luggage am I allowed to bring with me?
Luggage should be kept as light as possible. Although some of our aircraft can carry a considerable payload, it’s best to keep weight down as much as possible. Too much luggage limits our logistical options. When in doubt, leave it out.

What paperwork is required?
You will need to sign a liability release form for Northwoods AirLifeline and the pilot.

Is it possible to take wheel chair on-board?
Some of our aircraft could fit a wheelchair in the luggage area but this would limit the luggage capacity. Some will not fit at all or unless broken down substantially.  Usually a wheelchair can be arranged at the destination airport.

How far can you fly?
We fly most often to Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Ohio. Longer flights can sometimes be arranged, but generally extended trips are harder to arrange and are uncomfortable for the patient.

What’s the approximate cost of one hour of flight?
Fuel costs between $100 per hour for the most efficient single engine aircraft up to $250 per hour for faster twins. Fuel accounts for roughly 35% of the plane’s total operating cost.  Although our pilots are not reimbursed for fuel costs, there are other expenses the organization incurs in the operation of our organization.

How does NWALL coordinate the timing of the flight to my medical appointment?
Weather permitting, flights are arranged at a time mutually beneficial to the passenger and pilot. Some flights may have to be conducted the day before the appointment or the day after the discharge, depending upon pilot availability and weather.

Caleb – Grand Rapids October 2017

Caleb – Grand Rapids October 2017


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