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A 56 year old dialysis patient needs to be in Madison within 3 hours on a snowy winter’s night to receive a new kidney.

A young boy’s appointment for leukemia treatments is an 8 hour drive away.

A seven month old baby needs periodic examinations for her heart ailment in Minneapolis.

A 33 year old woman injured in a motorcycle accident in Toledo is ready to come home but can’t travel by car.

These are real life problems faced by people living in Michigan’s beautiful but remote Upper Peninsula – problems which Northwoods AirLifeline was formed to address.

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We’re excited to announce that thanks to several generous donors, Northwoods Airlifeline was recently able to purchase a second aircraft! The “new” aircraft, a 1968 Cessna 310, is equipped with two engines for added safety during our frequent Great Lakes crossings. State-of-the-art avionics have been installed, making this a pilot-friendly plane to fly, but it is not perfect. We need your help to replace the worn-out deicing boots, complete some body work, and repaint the exterior. Please consider a donation of any size to help us keep flying. > Please click here to view all options

Lions District 10 NWALL representative Lee Rowe presenting checks donated in IPDG Gretchen’s honor to NWALL Vice President Jesse Bell


After learning that “Elf” was Senya’s favorite Christmas movie, NWALL pilot Eric Sibley made her day by dressing as Buddy the Elf when he picked her up after a long hospital stay.

Talk about going above and beyond! We love what we do!

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Update from Tom Sullivan

I’ve done one Northwoods Airlifeline (NWALL) flight (this spring) since our Xmas excitement. Flying has been a bit less enjoyable or interesting. I let some time pass and worked on getting ”back on the horse”. Flying to Asheville for a Lancair Convention in early October was “pushing myself”, to be honest, but it went well.

Last week I flew with Bruce Rutter to get completely IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) current. I felt quite a bit better after that.

Today I flew my first NWALL Flight in my old (new) airplane, N1017L, a Mooney Rocket. I took Zach (Lisa Tedeschi Berlinski) down to Milwaukee and back. The poor guy got non-stop “play-by-play” updates of every aspect of the flight, but I think he enjoyed it (and it certainly made the trip seem shorter).

Today clearly was the turning point for me realizing how much flying, and helping others with my airplane, means to me!!!

I’m back!!!!!!

Tom Sullivan

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Northwoods Air Lifeline for all you do and everything you have done to keep our family safe and together!!!

Love The Gibson Family

I could not have asked for a more phenomenal trip home.

Joyce Erickson

We will never, ever forget and recommend Northwoods Airlifeline to anyone we hear can benefit from it!

Caleb Bell and his family


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