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A 56 year old dialysis patient needs to be in Madison within 3 hours on a snowy winter’s night to receive a new kidney. A young boy’s appointment for leukemia treatments is an 8 hour drive away. A seven month old baby needs periodic examinations for her heart ailment in Minneapolis. A 33 year old woman injured in a motorcycle accident in Omaha is ready to come home but can’t travel by car.

These are real life problems faced by people living in Michigan’s beautiful but remote Upper Peninsula – problems which Northwoods AirLifeline was formed to address.


Donation to AirlifelineDonation To Northwoods Airlifeline
Article by Iron Mountain Daily News (July 2019)

Range Bank recently donated $765 to Northwoods Airlifeline, which provides emergency flights at no cost for people who need medical treatment outside the area. The funds came from employee “dress down days,” when employees donate money to wear jeans to work. Proceeds then are given to organizations selected by the employees.

Northwoods Airlifeline honors Range Telecommunications for 20 years of service
Article by By Julie Williams

Range AwardMARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – What does it take to get someone the live-saving medical care they may need? Northwoods Airlifeline and Range Telecommunications say there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes.
Northwoods Airlifeline is a non-profit that provides air transport for Upper Peninsula residents to medical facilities outside of the U.P. Range Telecommunications provides 24/7 emergency and non-emergency answering services for Northwoods Airlifeline.
On September 6, Northwoods Airlifeline honored Range Telecommunications for 20 years of assistance. Both organizations say they could not provide the services they offer without the support of the other.
“Their support and what they’ve done is huge,” said Teresa Louys, Vice President and Fundraising and Public Relations Coordinator for Northwoods Airlifeline. “We have no paid staff, we’re all volunteers and they’ve allowed us to continue to be that way.”
“They provide such an important service to people and everybody in the Upper Peninsula is a potential user of their services,” said Dave Savolainen, President and Owner of Range Telecommunications.
Range Telecommunications has been in business for 45 years. They have assisted in more than 3,000 flights for Northwoods Airlifeline.

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