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Tom & Beth Sullivan

Tom & BethI’ve been involved with NWALL since 1991 when Bob Larson, our founder, became partners with me and two others in our newly constructed hangar. I started participating in med flights in 1991, and performed my TRUE first in 1996, a heart transplant flight in the middle of the night in my M20F Mooney from Iron Mountain to Milwaukee.

I’ve held virtually every position within the organization, but have been flight coordinator for the majority of my time with NWALL, getting relief/breaks when others would cover it for significant time periods.

I find the rewards of helping patient’s in need at critical medical challenges in their lives helps keep MY LIFE in perspective, realizing how many can’t look forward in life with confidence while I remain relatively healthy.

Beth has been a lifetime supporter, giving up time with me while I perform our mission, since my early involvement. Recently, about 4 years ago, she took over the Treasurer’s position and has been intimately involved with NWALL since.

We both hope to continue serving for the foreseeable future, supporting this great organization


Dennis Whitehead

DennisBob Larson, NWALL’s founder, asked me to start flying for our organization in 1998. Since that time I’ve had the honor of flying over 400 missions.

I live in Sagola Township and work two part-time jobs: at Kubick Aviation in Kingsford, and in the emergency department at UPHS-Portage in Hancock.


Jesse BellJesse Bell

Flying for Northwoods AirLifeline has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world helping people who desperately need a lift while sharing my love of flying airplanes.

I started flying with Northwoods in 2019 and currently serve as Vice President and Secretary. I’m a commercial pilot and flight instructor, but my day job is working as a financial planner.


Adam Lambert

Adam LambertWho is Adam Lambert? Adam Lambert is one of Northwoods Airlifeline pilots who has Spent his entire life living and serving in the UP.
Adam Lambert is God fearing man, Husband of 23 years and father of three and “Papa” of two grandkids.
He’s a third generation Pilot who has grown up in the world of General Aviation. In fact, Adam’s dad Ken Lambert, was one of the original pilots for Northwoods in the late 80’s early 90’s!
His day job is a business Owner/Franchisee for Domino’s Pizza for over 20 years. Currently operating in 19 cites across the UP and WI, along with some locations down state.
He has been coaching Varsity Volleyball for Escanaba the last 7 years Member and on Leadership team for the Delta County Dive Rescue Team and also a Auxiliary Marine Patrol for the Delta County Sheriff Team.
On his free time, he loves burning fossil fuels! Side-by-sides, motorboats, dirt bikes, motorcycles and classic cars.
He loves to serve others and tries to make sure all those around him are safe and comfortable in whatever they may be doing…
Adam is proud to be part of the Northwoods Pilots team and is honored to be able to help those who should use his services…



Lee Rowe

Lee RoweI have been a member of the Gwinn Lions Club for many years, and a member of the NWALL board. I live in Gwinn with my husband Bill. We support NWALL because we have a friend who was transported by them to Madison for a double transplant over 20 years ago. She is still doing well today. We are impressed with the dedication of the pilots and their willingness to give off their time, sometimes their planes, to serve those in need. They are a great group, and we are proud to be a part of that.




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