A 56 year old dialysis patient needs to be in Madison within 3 hours on a snowy winter’s night to receive a new kidney. A young boy’s appointment for leukemia treatments is an 8 hour drive away. A seven month old baby needs periodic examinations for her heart ailment in Minneapolis. A 33 year old woman injured in a motorcycle accident in Omaha is ready to come home but can’t travel by car.

These are real life problems faced by people living in Michigan’s beautiful but remote Upper Peninsula – problems which Northwoods AirLifeline was formed to address.

Welcome to Northwoods AirLifeline where volunteers working together perform miracles in the sky!

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Wells Fargo Donation

Left to Right: Tom Sullivan , Northwoods Airlifeline Pilot; Teresa Louys, Northwoods Airlifeline Fundraising Coordinator, Chuck Munch, Wells Fargo Community Banking President; Russell Kassin, Wells Fargo Vice President.

Northwoods Airlifeline was recently the proud recipient of a generous charitable contribution of $5,000.00 from the Wells Fargo Foundation. The funds will be used to provide air transportation to patients in the Upper Peninsula to medical facilities out of the area for specialized treatment at no cost to the patient.

Northwoods Airlifeline in a non-profit 501 c 3 that receives no funding from the government or insurance companies and with out the generous support of the residents of the Upper Peninsula and companies such as Wells Fargo it would be absolutely impossible for Northwoods to provide the services they do to the residents of the U.P. as their annual operating budget is approximately $200,000.00 per year and is seeing a great hit with the current economy and higher fuel prices.

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