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Randall and Rosa Gardner

November 17, 2003: Randall Gardner and his wife Rosa flew in NWALL’s Seneca from the Soo to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for cancer therapy. Pictured are (L to R) copilot Bob Tice, Randall and Rosa Gardner, and copilot Dennis Whitehead – click image to...

Kyle Rose and Mother Jenny

February 4, 2004. Copilot John Brooks stands with Kyle Rose and his Mom Jenny after completing a subzero night flight from Drummond Island to Ann Arbor. Kyle liked the NWALL bear we gave him, and Mom said our Seneca provided a comfortably warm cabin.

Lillian Larson and Ken Ray

April 30, 2004. Double pickup at Rochester for Mayo Clinic patients Lillian Larson and Ken Ray. L to R: Dennis Whitehead, Matt Janousek, Monica Larson, Lillian Larson, Tom Sullivan, Beatrice Ray, Ken Ray. Matt and Dennis flew Lillian and Monica to Marquette in our...

Flight 2000

Flight #2000: Margaret was very happy to be home. After 20 years living in the southwest and the loss of her husband, she was happy to be home in the Copper Country where all of her family is close.

Sovia and Jack Lockwood

Sovia and Jack Lockwood at Rochester, Minnesota May 13, 2004. Dennis Whitehead flew them home to Gladstone following Sovia’s surgery at Mayo’s for a rare abdominal tumor. Jack and Dennis found they had a lot in common: both are avid mountain climbers, both...