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Tom Sullivan

Tom Sullivan - Pilot and Board Member

My name is Tom Sullivan and I have lived in the Iron Mountain / Kingsford area most of my life. While growing up, my dad worked part time (over and above his full time job) for North Central Airlines based here at Ford Airport. My 10th birthday present was a ticket for a scheduled flight to Houghton, where he was traveling for his sales job.

The flight was on a DC-3 and was my first flight experience. I was immediately hooked on flying but corrected vision at that time would keep me from entering a flying career. After a 3-year tour in the U.S. Army and 8 years working for a large trucking firm, I started my own business as a truck mechanic in 1985. The business grew quickly and in 1994 became a Western Star Truck dealer, selling new trucks, manufacturing log trailers, and providing full parts and service to the trucking industry.

The summer of 1994 would be the first chance in my busy life to take up flying and get my pilot’s license. I have been flying Airlifeline flights since 1995 and have always been amazed with the commitment Bob Larson has made to Northwoods Airlifeline. It is with great pleasure that I am a part of this organization. I look forward to the future of Northwoods Airlifeline with the growth, demand, and support we are seeing. My personal balance in life is enhanced by these trips, constantly reminding me how delicate our health is.