24 Hour Emergency Line: 1-800-311-1760

Northwoods AirLifeline owns two aircraft, which are used solely for our missions.

Seneca III

Our twin engine plane is a 1983 Seneca III, certified for flight into icing conditions and fully equipped for instrument flights. This robust twin sports a high payload capacity and is speedier than most single engine airplanes. The patient compartment is comfortable and fairly roomy. An important benefit of the Seneca is easy access to the rear seats, a critical need for our less mobile passengers.



Our single engine plane is a 1980 Bonanza A36. This beautiful plane is also certified for instrument flight, and has nearly as much capacity as the twin. Because it burns less fuel, the Bonanza has greater range than the Seneca. We have added anti-icing options to the plane, an important safety feature for aircraft operating around the Great Lakes.All pilots flying the Seneca and Bonanza are instrument rated and are certified yearly by the Chief Pilot. This qualification test reviews emergency procedures and instrument skills. NWALL pilots claim that the Chief Pilot’s tests are more stringent than the FAA’s, which is just the way we want it. When it comes to our passengers, safety is our primary concern.