Sometimes we are blessed

When I learned of my son’s diagnosis a few weeks after Jiri was born, it is hard to forget how scared I was. Thoughts raced through my head of why God would let a little angel be so sick and suffer so much. I can remember thinking why not me, why Jiri, why an innocent child? After the initial shock that I eventually came to terms with I put my game face on and promised myself and Jiri I would do whatever I could to save this child. That in mind we found ourselves down in Ann Arbor. Over the past two years we have taken over 35 trips to Ann Arbor and many to Marquette also. Eventually this put a toll on me finacially and it became unaffordable to contually get to Ann Arbor and sometimes the weather would not even permit us.

One day I was walking Jiri by the park and a lady asked me, ‘What is wrong dear?’ and I just smiled and said ‘Nothing, Mam.’ but I think knew somethig was wrong, and she said, ‘well I want you to know we pray for your lil’ one in our church.’

So I had to ask, ‘how do you know?’ and she said, ‘because your Aunt put a picture of him by the candles people light for sick people and since I don’t know anyone whom is sick, I pray for Jiri.’ My heart started beating so fast and it was then I knew that just maybe things were going to be looking up, people were praying for us! So this lady went on to tell me she had heard of a program out of Iron Mountain that assisted sick children and adults with getting to their doctor appoinments and she wrote down all the information for me. I think I skipped and ran all the way home. I was so excited. I just felt like finally there was a break.

I got home and I dialed the first 9 numbers about 4 times before I had the courage to dial that last digit. Then when the operator answered I was scared so I hung up… but then I thought no Kristy, you have to do this for Jiri… so I dialed it again. I finally talked to the lady, and I told her about Jiri and went on and on about how I was so happy I found them and on and on… until she was like Mam, you are welcome and I need to stop you so I can take other peoples calls too!! It was then that I talked to Bruce and ever since he has been able to hook Jiri and I up with flights to Ann Arbor. These pilots have inspired me is so many ways. I just can not even begin to explain or put into words the appreciation and respect I have for them. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for Northwoods Lifeline Jiri would not be receiving the care he needs. My wish is that someday I can give back to this foundation and watch this program grow. I thank you all so much for everything you have done for Jiri and I. As the Holiday season nears all of us, I just thought it was very important to let you all know that I thank God every single day for what you do for us and everyone you have helped.


Kristy Shriber
(Mommy to Jiri 2 Years Old with Alagille Syndrome)

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