Phyllis Cox Rebori

Enclosed is a donation to your organization, and, it comes with a story. My niece. Kendra Brown, is a frequent passenger on your airline.

Several family members, including Grandma, Helen Cox – age 82, participated in the annual Grape and Wine Harvest Festival’s “Grape Stomp” held in Paw Paw, MI.

This event is the hallmark of this small town festival! Five people climb into a vat filled continually with fresh grapes from local vineyards. We then kneel in that goo and push, smashing grapes forward onto a screen to extract juice. The ordeal lasts the longest two minutes of your life, the juice is weighed and pounds tallied.

Our team, the Original Grapeful Tread, made it to the finals—beating over 35 other teams. Remember … Grandma is 82! The finals were held the following day, qualifying teams got to do this all over again, only now the vat is thick with pulp, seeds and the lovely (not) odor of fermenting grapes. The crowd is huge and motivating, waiting to watch teams go for the gold.
We held our own and are pleased to send you this donation-3rd place in the charity division — a hard earned award, given to you with pleasure, pride, and a few sticky fingers!
I am enclosing pictures of this event, so you can understand the effort. It really is fun; we were motivated to win for Kendra.
Thank you for assisting all the “Kendra’s”. You provide a wonderful service, alleviating some stress for families who are already enduring so much.

Phyllis Cox Rebori

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