Everyone should know about these wonderful men

Our son was born with spinal defect. He needs extensive treatments and surgeries with pediatric neurosurgeons and many specialists. Being here in Upper Peninsula we are removed from these types of facilities and must travel to Milwaukee and Detroit.

A few weeks ago our son needed his tumor removed and the operation was scheduled at Children’s Hospital of Michigan located in Detroit.

Traveling to Detroit with an infant and then coming back with post-surgical infant in a car seat overwhelmed us.

Then I had heard of a program to help families with travel problems. A man named Bob Larson who runs program called “AirLifeline”. We contacted him and told him about our dilemma. He arranged for a flight out of Ford Airport to Detroit nonstop and when our baby was well enough to return home we would contact him for the flight. For us it was that simple. Bob handled everything for us, plus he’s one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. Bob does that for families all over the area. If there is an illness in the family and out of town medical care is needed the program Bob has will get you there. He along with a wonderful pilot who gives his time and energy to this program named Bob Wilhelm.

These two guys gave up their time to take my family to Detroit and back. I had never met these two men before and they were that giving care what happened to us. And we are not the only family they have helped out. The week we went to Detroit they also took people to Marshfield and Minneapolis.

The week we came back they also were to make other trips with other families to other major medical facilities.

I could go on and on about these guys because my family is so grateful for their kindness.

I want everyone to know about these wonderful men and program they work with. Bob Larson spends his time helping families like us and also pays for many of the trips himself and being retired this can add up.

I’d like to see some community support so that this charitable program can continue on. Bob was there for us when we needed him and I’d like to see the community there for him. I’d also like to thank Dr. Garrett for the use of plane for both flights. Thank you so much.

Lynn Lusardi
Iron Mountain
(The Daily News – Iron Mountain

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