Frank Bigelow

My wife Tammy Bigelow was referred out to Mayo Clinic in late May. We were told about AirLifeline out of Iron Mountain. We spoke with Larry Jensen who has helped us with our flight with AirLifeline & different pilots who have been very nice. My wife, after ongoing evaluations, was diagnosed with tachyauxesis arteritis. On June 26 the doctors in Mayo will be doing a surgical biopsy of her swollen lymph nodes to determine whether this is arteritis lymphoma and how to medicate the

My wife and I flew to Rochester on May 3rd. AirLifeline brought my daughter Theresa from Escanaba out to Rochester and me back to Escanaba on June 23rd. My heart goes out to these very fine people for their kindness & services.

May God bless these pilots & everyone involved.


Frank Bigelow

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