Angels really do exist

There have been numerous movies and television shows made in the past several years about people coming back to earth as angels with a mission to help some wayward soul.

Well, I have met some real life angels wings included. Only their wings are attached to the airplanes they fly. They call themselves the Northwoods Air Lifeline, first organized in 1990 by Republic resident Bob Larson, they have made over 800 flights, bringing people from the Upper Peninsula to places like the Mayo Clinic and other teaching hospitals throughout Michigan and Wisconsin for medical treatment. And they do it for free.

For my wife and me, it was a real eye opener. I confess that because of 14 years in law enforcement and the deterioration of our society as a whole, I have become cynical, sometimes distrusting of people, especially those I don’t know. Then I met Bob and Ruth Larson, and Bob and Marsha Tice. Mr. Larson organized our flight and Bob and Marsha Tice flew my wife and me back and forth to Rochester, Minn. All of this was done for us, free of charge.

The Tice’s donated time away from their children, their own airplane along with fuel, to fly two people they never met to the Mayo Clinic. Mr. Larson organized transportation from the airport to the hospital and back. Bob and Marsha made sure I was warm and comfortable at all times and even brought lunch for the both of us.

Going through a surgical procedure is difficult on everyone, especially the patient’s family. Having a procedure done out of state only compounds the problems. Commercial air travel with layovers would have taken 6 1/2 hours, almost as long as it takes to drive to Rochester. Bob Larson stepped in and made all the arrangements and took the worry out of getting there and back. The nonstop flight took just over two hours.

I write this letter for two reasons. First, to thank Bob and Ruth Larson and Bob and Marsha Tice for all they did for me and my family. Second, to make people aware of this service and the remarkable people who make it happen.

Thank you, Mr. Larson, and Godspeed to all in your organization. You and your people truly are angels.

James A. Bjorne

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